What is friendship.

‘My closest friend is..’ 


Not a friend at all. 

My closest friend isn’t someone linked to me by affection or fondness. They aren’t someone who gives me assistance, or to whom I am on good terms with. 

My closest friend, is someone who is intrinsically linked with me, mentally, spiritually. It’s a platonic relationship between me and those few who have found a way into the pit that is my head; those that can navigate what I am, and those that I can navigate as freely. 

There is no sexuality, or physicality, between me and them; only a deep understanding that doesn’t need gratification, or acknowledgment. It is someone who finds symphonies in a silence, who reads volumes in a look; someone that knows me wholly, completely, as I them. 


No, my closest friend isn’t a friend at all. 

They’re something else entirely. 



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6 Responses to What is friendship.

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