To lose yourself in another.

It wasn’t until midday had passed that the clouds rolled in, dark grey and ominous. The earlier sunshine seemed to disappear, removed so completely by those thick clouds that even the memory of it seemed distant. 

Somehow, the playground was suddenly deserted. 

Not even the ring of laughter lingered; the gaudy colours becoming garish against the foreboding sky. Thunder rumbled deeply overhead. 

Blinking against the gentle rain, she tread gently over the soft grass, her face lifted to the chill breeze. She seemed to be searching; her eyes wandered restlessly over the sky. 

He hadn’t become aware of stopping until he realized her soft, wet feet were bringing her closer. His eyes followed, encapsulated, and he felt a flush rising to his chest. 

He could see her clearly now; dark hair and darker eyes, she moved slowly with gentle grace. Her lips moved as she walked, forming words that none could hear as she gazed intently upwards. Her face was a mask of wonder, her deep brown eyes alight with intent curiosity. 

Suddenly, she noticed him; the full weight of her wide eyes falling abruptly to him.

For a moment, his breath caught; their eyes met, green to brown.

He could see every small pearl of water that clung to her thick green jacket, every blade of wet grass that hung from her pants, every strand of hair that fell in damp curls along her shoulders. Her eyes fixed on him, sparking recognition. Her rich lips parted slightly, a small breath touching the air. 

Above them, the clouds parted, flooding the underbrush in a sudden wash of light. The ground became a vibrant green, glimmering as the sun caught the dew drops on the ground. 

His eyes never left her, though. 

The sunlight bathed her in a golden hue, shimmering through her hair and touching her cheeks with colour. She blinked against the brightness, shaking hair from her face. 

And he found himself stepping towards her, calm and sure. She held her hand out to him, her brown eyes never leaving his face. 

With a sigh, he took it, enveloping her small, soft fingers in his. 

With that sigh, he let go; he let go of his job and those he knew. He let go of the world and surrendered himself to her. 

And, hand in hand, they disappeared, existing together and only together. 

Intrinsically linked, two as one. 

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